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Table Of Contents:

  1. About Synthetic Urine
  2. Fake Pee In A Nutshell
  3. Fake Urine Factors
  4. Synthetic Urine Alternatives
  5. Workplace Drug Testing
  6. Employer Drug Tests
  7. Drug Testing Legality
  8. Medical Marijuana & Synthetic Urine

Be sure to follow the instructions exactly (which is pretty straight forward), and you will be good to go!

Good luck with the test!

About Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is fake urine which is made to imitate real human urine and it is popularly used to cheat one’s way out of routine drug testing at a place of employment. Till a few years ago this was the ultimate solution but now labs are able to pick up artificial substances so the process of using fake urine has become infinitely trickier.

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Fake Pee In A Nutshell

Fake urine can help you pass your drug test as long as you use a good brand for it. It imitates human urine exactly so it can be used to cheat through an urinanalysis.

Since it is THC free obviously, most lab tests are not going to pick anything up since it is also free of health problem indicators.

Synthetic urine is completely legal to sell and buy since it has a variety of uses such as those in Ayurvedic medicine or to repel bugs in wild environments. Hence, it is easy to purchase online or from a nearby pharmacy without arousing any kind of suspicion.

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Factors Which Determine If Fake Urine Is A Good Idea Or Not

    • Try to find out if the test is a supervised one. This means that a lab assistant actually watches you as you pee. In this case of course you cannot carry or use fake urine.
    • Even if the test is supervised, chances are that they are not going to be staring at your privates so you can attach a dispenser close to your body and then just pour the fake urine into the cup and then pull your trousers back up. The underwear is where most people choose to hide their sample.
    • Low quality brands are completely detectable by lab tests. Always use a well known and high quality brand so that lab tests do not pick up that it isn’t real urine. Sub-Solution is a powdered fake urine kit which works great and has helped thousands of people pass their drug tests. It is expensive but it will keep you from being fired.
  • If you are a heavy user and there isn’t enough time to detoxify or if you have smoked right on the day of the drug test you really do not have any other option than using synthetic urine. It is recommended that you avoid smoking so your breath or general behavior does not give you away as you are being scrutinized.

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Options Other Than Synthetic Urine

Many people are skeptical about using fake urine and they are right to be so as it has now become a huge risk because of sophisticated lab equipment. If you have some time on your hands you can always do a proper Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox and then use your own pee for the test. Exercising and using natural substances such as orange juice and lemon water are also useful but you need time for these things to work.

One of the main reasons why synthetic urine became so popular is because you need not go through a painstaking detoxification process to pass your test.

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Get The Facts On Workplace Drug Testing

It is becoming increasingly common to be asked to take a drug test when you apply for a job. While many private employers are carrying out these tests just to get more information about their prospective employee, there are certain industries and certain organizations that have a legal requirement to carry out drug tests because of the nature of the work they do.

These include many transportation jobs, such as those who work in mass transit, trucking or the aviation industry. Many employees in the Department of Defense and other high-profile organizations like NASA are also legally required to drug test their employees. And they may or may not be on the lookout for synthetic urine use.

It is easy to understand why drug testing is required for jobs in these industries; employees have huge levels of responsibility for the lives of other people. Also, employers need to be absolutely sure that the person they are employing is up to the job and that there is nothing that will prevent them from working effectively.

However, there are lots of employers in industries which are less safety-focused — finance, law, IT — who make drug testing a mandatory part of starting work with their company, and may even continue to carry out drug tests on employees throughout their time with the company.

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Why Do Employers Carry Out Drug Tests? Do They Monitor For Synthetic Urine?

There are some good reasons for employers to carry out drug testing of prospective employees even if it is not legally required. Some states will give employers a reduction on their workers’ compensation insurance premiums if they can prove that they are taking action to keep drugs out of the workplace. Drug testing of new and existing employees is an easy and effective way to demonstrate this and can save companies thousands of dollars every year. Whether or not they monitor for synthetic urine depends on the company, but most do not.

Drug testing can help protect employers against legal liability in the event that someone who has been drinking or taking drugs causes damage or hurts someone at work. If an employer can demonstrate that they took steps to ensure that their employees were not using drugs or drinking on the job, then this can protect them against legal action.

Finally, businesses and organizations are all keen to maintain productivity; yet it is estimated that drugs and alcohol cost the US economy $80 billion in lost working days every year. Any company is right to try and protect their interest in this way, but it is especially important for small companies who rely on their few employees working hard for their success.

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Is Drug Testing Legal?

Drug testing is an invasion of your privacy, requiring you to produce a sample of a bodily fluid, sometimes under supervision, in order for an employer or prospective employer to find out things about your medical or recreational drug and alcohol use.

Because of these privacy issues, there are some restrictions on how and when drug testing can be carried out and whether or not you can refuse. For example, many states only allow prospective employers to ask applicants for a drug test once they have made a concrete job offer — the results of drug testing cannot be used to help employers choose between interviewees.

Often, existing employers have stronger rights than prospective employees as a positive drug test could result in them losing their job — perhaps for a recreational drug they took weeks earlier and which they have never used while at work. This is one reason why synthetic urine use is so common.

There are a number of legal exceptions too, which allow people to either refuse to take drug tests (or just use synthetic urine) or to allow employers to overlook certain positives in the result. If you are taking medication, perhaps string painkillers for a disability for long-term illness, then the Americans with Disabilities Act protects you from any disciplinary action in the event that you are asked to take a drug test and produce a positive result. If there is evidence that an employer is targeting certain groups for drug testing, either by gender or by race, then it could be the employer that ends up in trouble with the courts rather than the employees.

In addition, if you can demonstrate that the drug testing carried out by your employer or prospective employers has contravened your state’s regulations on how such tests should be carried out, then you can petition to have the result overturned and even take legal action against the company for failing to respect your right to privacy.

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Medical Marijuana & Synthetic Urine

One complicating factor is the increasing availability of medical marijuana which is currently available from doctors in over twenty states. Normally, a positive test for marijuana would mean an instant fail in workplace drug testing, but what if you have a medical condition and prescription from your doctor allowing you to take the drug?

Unfortunately, not all of the states which allow the use of medical marijuana have updated their employment rules to take these changes into consideration. Most have changed the law so that you can no longer be prosecuted for carrying marijuana or having it in your system if you are arrested, but employers can still refuse to employ you or even dismiss you from your job for a positive marijuana test even if you have a valid medical reason for taking the drug. Or to make it easy, you can just use a reliable synthetic urine kit.

A few states have changed their employment law to stop employers from discriminating against staff and applicants who are using marijuana for medical reasons, but it is still a very gray area. If you are using medical marijuana and have been asked to take part in drug testing at work, it is worth making contact with an employment lawyer in your state to find out what your rights are and whether you are legally obliged to take the test or make your employer aware of your use of medical marijuana.

Applying for a job is nerve-wracking enough without having to worry about the prospect of drug testing too. While most people take nothing more than the odd painkiller for a headache, if you do use recreational drugs in your time off, this can damage your prospects of getting and keeping a job.

There are products on sale which can help to detox your system, but the only foolproof way of beating the test is to not take drugs in the weeks before an interview, and certainly never take drugs or drink alcohol before or at work. Of course synthetic urine kits are probably next on the list!

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