How to Watch Live Cricket World Cup in 2023, 2024 (2024)

The ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2023, hosted in India, broke broadcast and digital records worldwide, making it the most significant World Cup. However, partial cricket fans fail to watch live Cricket World Cup 2023 due to time constraints, Internet issues, or budgetary constraints.

Several sports fans asked if watching the Cricket World Cup live in 2023 and 2024 was possible. Of course, it is possible with streaming platforms or reliable screen recorders.

If you're keen on the Cricket World Cup 2023 or 2024, you can use recording resources to ensure you don't miss a single game. Similarly, the recorded game is readily available for those who missed the live stream of the Men's T20 World Cup 2024. If you need to watch live Cricket World Cup 2023 or 2024, follow the corresponding path.

Watch the Cricket World Cup 2023/2024 in the US on PCs & TVs

Willow is the only 24/7 live cricket station in the US, covering several hundred days of live cricket each year. The Willow channel intends to broadcast all of the world's stop-tier cricket in high definition. The channel is accessible on most satellite and cable networks for a flat monthly cost or as part of Sports or South Asian bundles.

For example, Willow TV provides live coverage of the T20 World Cup. Sling offers the streaming service as part of its Desi TV bundle, which includes live and on-demand viewing of Willow Cricket World Cup events in HD.

With the Desi Bing Plus package, you get your first month for just $10 or a discounted $99 for the entire year. You also get access to eight channels, including Willow TV, Sony LIV, Star India, and Hotstar Specials.

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Bonus tips: How to Watch the Cricket World Cup in Other Countries

Is there another way to watch Cricket World Cup 2023, or 2024 in India? Yes, there is. This section offers other feasible platforms to watch T20 World Cup 2024 live streams.



Pros & Cons


PTV Sports

Pros: Free
Cons: A verifiable phone number & VPN


Disney Plus Hotstar mobile app

Pros: Free for mobile phones

Cons: Pay for a Disney Star subscription on PCs, laptops, etc.


Sky Sports

Pros: watch the Y20 Cricket World Cup 2024 on desktop PCs, iPad, iOS and Android devices

Cons: Paid


Prime Video

Pros: No extra cost to Amazon subscribers
Cons: $9.99/month or $79/year by subscription

New Zealand

Sky Sport

Pros: Watch online
Cons: $24.99/week, $44.99/month, or $449.99/year to access Sky Sport Now pass

A Cricket Live Stream Recorder🔥

As mentioned above, if you don't want to miss the live T20 Cricket World Cup, the most efficient way is to record this sports event using professional screen recording tools like EaseUS RecExperts.

 Download EaseUS Screen Recorder  DownloadEaseUS Screen Recorder

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Its intelligent recording feature includes the scheduled recording function. For example, you can set the recording time in advance in the evening or at work.

More conveniently, if you have unwanted Cricket World Cup recording clips, you can use its video trimming feature to remove them. Its noise reduction function also can help you minimize noise when recording sound. Furthermore, EaseUS RecExperts even allows you to record protected videos on screens.

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How can I watch live Cricket World Cup 2023 and 2024? This article introduces several feasible traditional ways and new streaming services. Please find your desired viewing channels from the above content.

To avoid regrets, it's a good idea to record the T20 Cricket World Cup using a reliable screen recorder like EaseUS RecExperts. Download it to enjoy its features now!

Relevant FAQs about World Cup

The following section includes some of the hot themes from the World Cup. Please get an overview of them if needed.

1. Where can I watch the T20 World Cup 2024 for free?

The official online streaming platform for the World Cup is Disney + Hotstar. This official broadcast partner is a favorite among fans, offering free live streaming of the entire event via its mobile apps. However, for those who prefer to watch on larger screens, a membership is required to enjoy the coverage on TVs and laptops.

2. Can I watch World Cup with Amazon Prime?

Yes, Prime Video users can watch the games live using the Prime Video app, which is accessible on the following devices: Smart televisions, Mobile devices, Fire TV.

3. Where will be the World Cup final be in 2026?

On Sunday, July 19, 2026, the iconic New York New Jersey Stadium will host the final match of the biggest World Cup, the FIFA World Cup 26™ final.

How to Watch Live Cricket World Cup in 2023, 2024 (2024)


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