Turbo Amsterdam: the new hotspot from the owners of Café de Tros >> (2024)

Turbo Amsterdam is a nod to the favourite car of the place’s owners: the Saab Turbo. Unfortunately, it is no longer made, but Turbo Amsterdam is alive and modern. This new spot—a sister of Café De Tros, also in Amsterdam East—isa hangout spot where you would prefer to stay all day. Fortunately, you can, as they serve coffee, brunch, snacks, and dinner.

Turbo Amsterdam: the new hotspot from the owners of Café de Tros >> (1)


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Why you want to visit Turbo Amsterdam

Ah, Turbo! We fell in love with this place immediately. Close to Zeeburg, you will find this lovely place with a no-nonsense atmosphere, just as you are used to from Café De Tros. During the day, the baristas take the coffee very seriously; they use beans from Friedhats, a well-known roastery in Amsterdam. Because good coffee is an art, andthey master this art at Turbo. Naturally, something sweet is in order with that strong coffee, and they make it all themselves at Turbo.

The interior is nice and bright and contains a lot of wood, from chairs to other furniture and shelves on the wall. On those shelves are items that could come from any random household. Books, art objects, and even a lava lamp here and there.

Turbo Amsterdam: the new hotspot from the owners of Café de Tros >> (2)

Turbo Amsterdam-Oost

Menu Turbo

Besides the coffee, the rest of the menu is just as promising. During the day, you can have delicious sandwiches for lunch, and in the afternoon, they serve an extensive ‘snack menu‘, which consists of tasty (and handsome!) shared dining dishes. The influences are French (but well, which cuisine isn’t inspired by it?) and European. One of our favourites is the pizetta with courgette, but the “broodje kroket” (see below) is also worth trying. And cheese lovers will want to give the stracciatella with anchovies a chance.

Be aware that you cannot leave this place without having a dessert. The soft ice cream seems to come from another planet; it’s so good, just like the chocolate terrine. A word to the wise is sufficient, as they say. Enjoy!

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Turbo Amsterdam-Oost

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Turbo Amsterdam: the new hotspot from the owners of Café de Tros >> (2024)


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